Be Active…Take to the Hills!

By Michelle Kennedy

In another post, we talked about how interval training can build up your endurance, helping your heart to pump more efficiently. When you’re ready to add a little variety—and challenge—to your workout, try some hill training when you hit the treadmill. (And don’t forget to get your doctor’s OK before starting a new fitness program.)

1. Jump on the treadmill. Walk at a slow, comfortable pace for 2 minutes to warm up.

2. Increase the speed. It should be brisk, but not so fast that you need to run. Keep it to a walk.

3. Raise the incline to something you feel comfortable with (3% to 4%) for 12 seconds. Lower the incline to 2.0% and walk for 8 seconds

4. Repeat this pattern for 10 minutes.

5. Lower the incline to 0% and drop the speed to 1.5; walk for 2 minutes or until your heart rate returns to normal.

6. Step off of the treadmill and perform squats (no weights) for 30 seconds. The proper form: Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Bend your knees and sit back as if you’re sitting in a chair. Don’t worry about how many you do. It’s more about keeping your form with the ones you do.

7. After squats, slowly get down to the floor for 30 seconds of push-ups. Feel free to start on your knees and lower your chest from there.


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