Celebrate a new season with new recipes! With eight new healthier dishes, plus a selection of healthier fan favorites, we’ve got delicious meals to keep you smiling all spring long.

  • Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

    Shake up your salads! Sweet fruit flavors and poppy seed vinaigrette make this spinach salad recipe stand out.

  • Garlic-Sautéed Sugar Snap Peas

    Pepper, oil, garlic, and a little help from the folks at Smart Balance—that’s all it takes to make this snappy starter.

  • Linguini with Bacon and Peas

    Sometimes the best dishes are the simplest. This al dente pasta recipe is full of buttery flavor and accented with peas, bacon and Romano cheese.

  • 2 Ingredient Soft Serve “Ice Cream”

    Just two ingredients are all you need to make this fresh take on soft serve. But if you want to layer on the toppings, don’t worry—we won’t tell!

  • Cumin-Lime Chickpea Salad

    Ready for your first picnic of the year? Spices and fresh lime juice put a little extra spring in a salad you can put together in minutes.

  • Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Asparagus

    Our rich balsamic marinade is made with honey and rosemary. Enjoy it over chicken and veggies alike!

  • Steamed Artichokes with Lemon Dipping Sauce

    Early spring is artichoke season! And since you can make our dipping sauce ahead of time, you’ll be ready right on schedule.

  • Shrimp Endive Cups

    Bring a bit of Belgium to your table! Endive flourishes in late winter and spring. Top yours with this scrumptious shrimp salad recipe.

  • Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

    Spark a conversation with this delicious combination: avocado, grapefruit, and crisp greens and onions.

  • Spring Pasta Salad with Arugula and Shaved Parmesan

    Rethink pasta salads. Shaved parmesan and leafy greens transform this picnic classic.