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Grilled Potato Packets

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Stacy Makes Cents

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Grill these potatoes up quickly and easily for your Labor Day celebration or any other time you're grilling. They come together fast and taste delicious! You won't have any leftovers.

Recipe Ingredients

4 whole potatoes, variety of your choice
2 whole small onions
4 tablespoons Smart Balance® Blended Butter Sticks
1 teaspoon kosher salt
Fresh ground black pepper

Recipe Steps

Tear off 4 large pieces of aluminum foil. Set aside.

Slice your potatoes and onions thinly, about 1/4 - 1/8 inch thick.

Place one sliced potato on each piece of foil. Sprinkle well with salt and black pepper.

Divide the sliced onions between the four pieces of foil.

Cut your butter into small pieces. Sprinkle the pieces evenly over the 4 potato packets, about 1 tablespoon per packet.

Bring edges of foil up and roll tightly together. Do the same for the other side. Make sure it's nice and tight so the butter and steam do not escape.

With your grill on medium, place the potato packets on it and close the lid. Let it cook for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes turn the packets over so they can cook on the other side.

Remove from the grill and open CAREFULLY. The steam will escape as soon as the packets are opened. You can eat them straight out of the packet or dump into a large bowl with a serving spoon.

Nutrition Facts

Number of Servings: 4
[Smart Balance addition] – Smart Balance estimates the following nutritional content for this user-created recipe:
Calories 291 kcal
Fat 11 g
Saturated Fat 5 g
Trans Fatty Acid 0 g
Poly Fat 2 g
Mono Fat 3 g
Cholesterol 15 mg
Sodium 593 mg
Carbohydrates 44 g
Dietary Fiber 4 g
Total Sugars 5 g
Protein 5 g