Og Trans Fat Naturally

Great-tasting Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads are the first and only spread that has 0g trans fat naturally. Unlike many spreads and margarines, we use absolutely no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Instead, we use our unique natural oil blend that can help support healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.1


All delicious Smart Balance® products are naturally 0g trans fat, and we boost several Smart Balance® products with Vitamin D, calcium, Omega-3s and other nutrients. Making Smart Balance® products an integral part of your diet is an easy way to help reduce your overall consumption of unhealthy trans fat while enjoying the delicious flavors you love. Please see the nutrition information of each product for fat and saturated fat content.


1. When at least 2/3 of fat intake comes from our buttery spreads or our food plan; limit fat to 30% of calories and saturated fats to 10% of calories. Limit cholesterol to 300mg/day. Avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oil. Exercise regularly.





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