Dance Your Way Slim!

By Michelle Kennedy

Doesn’t matter if you studied ballet all through college or just like to cut a rug (badly) in the living room—dancing is fun, it’s liberating and it’s a darn good way to get your heart pumping. And thanks to shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars,” it’s never been cooler to shake a leg (or hip or shoulder)! Check out these ideas on how to get more groove in your life:

• Do a Google or local Yahoo! search for dance lessons for adults. Just make sure to confirm the class is for adults—you don’t want to be surrounded by pint-size, pink-tutu-wearing princesses. Once you find one you’re interested in, ask to watch a session before joining.

• Hit your local gym and take an aerobics-based dance class, such as cardio dance, Zumba, salsa aerobics or even pole dancing (yes, pole dancing!). You can also rent or buy DVDs with all kinds of classes; check out CollageVideo.com.

• Head to a nightclub that offers free dance lessons—this is a very popular offering in Latin and country dance clubs. Generally an hour before the club gets really busy, teachers from nearby dance studios provide free tutorials.

• Log on to learn. Many websites offer free lessons. Check out LearnToDance.com, or simply go to YouTube and search dance lessons for some great video demonstrations.

The beauty of dance is that it is personal, so no specific workout this week. Instead I challenge you to give yourself 15 minutes every day to turn up the music and move to the beat! Let us know how you did and what tunes get your feet tapping.


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