Smart Balance® HeartRight® Fat Free Milk and Omega-3s & Naturally Sourced Plant Sterols

  • Try 2 servings a day of our fat free milk with a naturally sourced ingredient proven to help lower cholesterol as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 1
  • Fat free milk
  • Tastes rich and creamy like 2%, without the saturated fat
  • Made with our unique blend of heart-healthier ingredients including
    • Naturally-sourced plant sterols1
  • 25% more calcium than whole milk2
  • 25% more protein than whole milk2
  • Vitamins A & D added
  • Ultra-pasteurized
  • We pledge to use milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST3
  • BestLife™ Approved
  • Available in 64 oz

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Cooking & Refrigeration

Cooking & Refrigeration

  • Do not use if seal under cap is broken.
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Once opened, consume within seven days for best taste.

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